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Atturaif World Heritage site. Saudi Arabia

Atturaif is an extensive historic earth brick city in Saudi Arabia nominated for inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage Register (2010). This city was the heart of the First Saudi State which flourished for 100 years from the early 1700s.


Tropman & Tropman Architects were selected by international tender to be lead consultants of this prestigious architecture and exhibition design project and our commission was to collaboratively design a series of world-class exhibitions within the historic city celebrating the First Saudi State with TTA and LookEar. 

"The interpretive and exhibition design of the Atturaif museums have been based on the strong principles of authenticity, access, inclusiveness and attention to setting and context. Accordingly, the design inspirations and connections have been drawn from authentic cultural and natural heritage influences". (TTA & LookEar).


We provided the signage and graphic framework system and designed the showcase displays as well as providing the overarching rationale to guide manufacturers and graphic designers for the layout and completion of the exhibition material.

The Museums were officially opened in 2018 by His Royal Highness King Salman.

Images courtesy of TTA.

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